We future proof large corporates by innovative solutions, helping them to streamline processes, create differentiation, secure their USP and leap ahead of their competition. Want to know exactly how we can help innovate your business?


What we do

We help established corporates to adapt and compete in an ever-changing and evolving digital world. From technology advancements, media consumption, changes in buyer and consumer behaviour and exceedingly higher customer satisfaction demands.

We collaborate with corporates who want to secure their future and succeed in their industry, by facilitating innovative solutions from our network of providers.


Improve Customer Experience

We can gather insights into how your customers interact with your brand, identify any pain points that they encounter, and then devise an intricate solution to enhance their entire experience.

Accelerator Programmes

Our Accelerator Programmes help change the culture and mindset of your organisation. We help you embrace innovation, allowing “thoughts to become things” in a rapid space of time.

Innovation Programme Design

We create and implement a tailored Innovation Programme across your entire organisation, laying out a clear structure of who is responsible for what, ensuring you’re able to hit your strategic goals effectively.

Design Thinking Workshops

Enable your business to plan the route to achieving long term goals in the most efficient way possible. Our DesignThinking Workshops are intensive 5 day sprint innovation cycles that allow business problems to be prioritised and solutions to be found through prototyping, testing, and validating, with a rapid turn around time. 

Value Proposition Design Workshops

We help clients to design, test and develop products and services that customers want, which have been validated with market and customer research. Assisting individuals or teams setting out, to create a great value proposition and business model from scratch.

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What makes us different

Alt Labs makes innovation as accessible as possible to all. We help brands future proof their business through implementing innovative processes and technologies into their work flows in an efficient, ethical and friendly manner.

We follow agile work flows, focusing all our resources to an active project. In comparison to traditional agencies that map out programmes over months, we complete work in a fraction of the time.

We have a thirst for knowledge and a hunger to improve, so we’re constantly learning and adapting our methodologies so we can stay ahead of the curve, and bring you the more innovative solutions.