We guide and mentor startups from idea, to successful pitch to market. Our corporate accelerator model allows large corporates to collaborate with early stage startups to detect threats and take advantage of opportunities to improve products, services and customer experience.

What is an Innovation Accelerator Programme?

An innovation accelerator is an intensive and time-limited programme that aims to draw on the
ideas and knowledge of startups to solve business problems of a large corporate. This is achieved
by workout outside the constraints of BAU processes by developing, testing and validating new
business ideas and solutions in just a few months.

Why Run an Accelerator?

Corporate organisations can solve problems across business processes, enhance service elements or improve customer experience in a faster, low risk manner than going through their normal business processes.
Accelerator programmes allow corporations to find new talent with innovative solutions and working methods. Test and validate these ideas, then implement solutions across the business in a risk-free manner.

Competition for exceptional talent is high and employee churn can cost organisations companies tens of thousands every year. Running an accelerator programme to improve brand in the market to attract and retain top talent is a no brainer.

Beyond being a great marketing hack for talent acquisition, the organisation’s newfound proximity to startups is a great marketing and PR story. It also allows organisations to become familiar with the latest technologies and a part of the industry disrupting action can increase the trust factor and comfort levels of potential new clients.

How We Plan Accelerator Programmes

Problem Exploration

In this stage startups will be guided through the challenges in the corporate business. We call this
‘challenge area playback’ where all challenges will be presented at a high level. These challenges
will have been derived through data and workshops with the corporate, which meet customer and
business needs.
Startups will be guided through an immersion where they will get the chance to go behind the
scenes of a business and speak to the relevant departments to uncover how the corporate currently
solves / avoids problems. Startups will speak to stakeholders to get answers to questions and also
speak with existing users to understand the problem from a user point of view.

Solutions Development

We give startups a set of tools to refine their existing solutions to meet the needs for the corporate.
This will include guiding startups to do a Proof of Concept or MVP tailored for the corporate. Depending on the length of accelerator, startups will be given a short amount of time to leave the lab and start working on a way of validating their hypothesis and assumptions against the business and customer needs. From this, a tested launch-able concept should be created with key metrics and measurements of success to inform the corporate if this concept or MVP is viable to launch into the wider organisation.

Business Model Proposition

During a product bootcamp, startups will have been given tools around lean startups, which will help determine their business model proposition relevant to the corporate

Pitch Preparation

Startups will be guided with a pitch / public speaker trainer to finalise their pitch decks for demo day. The deck needs to be concise as each startup will usually have around 10 minutes to pitch. Decks should tell a story of business proposition and what they have done during the accelerator to test this on actual users. It should include results and validation from POC to inform the audience how this is a desirable, viable, feasible and possibly investable product.

Demo Day

The final event where the corporate, investors, press and members of the public gather to watch the startups pitch. Demo day is great exposure for the startups involved and will give them a chance to network with more people within and outside the corporate business.

Your Next Steps

Whether you’re a corporate looking to run an accelerator programme, or a start-up looking to get involved in one, we have the experience and skills to help you. Drop us a message or schedule a call back with us today.

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