innovation accelerator programmes

What is it?

We help in-house start-ups and entrepreneurs with an innovative idea, from the planning stage to preparing them to present their idea for green lighting. This programme helps small, innovative start ups take their product to market, whilst solving business problems & improving efficiency for larger corporates. 

What is an Accelerator Programme?

Our Innovation Accelerator is a 12 week programme that aims to embed innovation into your business strategy and infrastructure. It helps organisations embrace and implement innovation, by supporting corporate venture teams that are developing innovative products, services and solutions that fall outside of the core business and could aid their business efforts by solving problems, streamlining internal processes or enhancing customer experience. 

Who are these best suited for?

The Alt Labs Innovation Accelerator Programme acts as a bridge between smaller corporate start ups with innovative technologies and larger organisations that have the need for these solutions. Oh – and it’s all done within the 12 week time period. Time is spent effectively, problems are solved quickly and results are yielded far quicker than through traditional agency work methods. All reinforcing our core values of “getting stuff done and getting results”.

what to expect from our accelerator programmes?

Clear KPIs and Goals

We work with you to define clear and tangible KPI’s to drive the focus of the Accelerator Programme. This process see’s our innovation strategic experts working in partnership with the key stake holders of your business, to outline a number of KPI’s that must be achieved through the Innovation Accelerator, ensuring that only the most suitable solutions are explored. 

Solutions For You To Invest In

Corporate venture teams will provide solutions to the problems found in the challenge identification stage. Their pitches are the culmination of the 12 week Accelerator Programme, in which they will have thoroughly researched your business problems and adapted their expertise, technologies and skillset to devise a bespoke, innovative solution to help your business. 


Business Opportunities Ready To Be Exploited

At the end of our Innovation Accelerator, you will have an extensive list of business opportunities, each with tangible benefits associated to them. Opportunities could include improving business efficiency, identifying up-selling or cross selling possibilities, reducing waste and increasing customer engagement – to name but a few, and will form the basis of a strategic development plan for your company. 

Longterm Business Change

Our Innovation programme focuses on getting large corporates to carry out “Alternative Thinking” for long-term change and long-term success. At the end of the Innovation Accelerator, you will have been exposed to the benefits of agile and innovative working processes, allowing you to establish and maintain innovative and more efficient methods of working. 

Dedicated Teams Implementing These Solutions

The teams that present the innovation pitches are the experts in that field. Each group will have immersed themselves in your business and your company infrastructure over the period of the Accelerator Programme. Resulting in dedicated, multi-disciplinary teams that fit into your corporate structure, and work like start-ups to implement and manage your innovative solutions. 

programme overview

Our Corporate Innovation Accelerator is divided into 3 key phases. 

  • Challenge identification & scoping 
  • Innovation KPI & Goal Setting 
  • Solutions & Investment Opportunities 

From scoping corporate problems & opportunities, sourcing Innovative solution providers and then readying the corporate venture teams for pitch day, our entire Corporate Innovation Accelerator from start to finish is a 12 week programme 

At the end of the pitch period, our customers will have everything that they need to decide which ventures to invest in, allowing them to under-go innovative change within their business. 


Looking for help implementing innovation in your organisation? Drop us a message and one of our team can get back to you.

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