We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for the 2020 North East Business Awards Newcomer of the year!

As a Teesside based start-up, we’re proud to be recognised as one of the best Newcomers to Teesside. Over the past year we’ve;

  • grown from a team of 2 to 9
  • expanded our service offering
  • secured new projects of work from new and existing clients
  • retained a happy client base by providing world-class innovation solutions.  

To be shortlisted as one of the top 3 newcomers across Teesside has validated the brilliant work we’ve carried out. Our entire team has took great pride in this accolade.

We’d also like to say “congratulations” and wish everyone else who has been shortlisted good luck!

What are the North East Business Awards? 

Organised by The Journal and The Gazette, the North East Business Awards highlight some of the best, brightest and most promising businesses across the region. Ranging from start-ups (like us) to established businesses and large corporates.  

The awards celebrate a range of businesses across numerous categories such as; “newcomer” “most innovative” “digital technology” and “company of the year” to name but a few. 

The ceremony is a showcase of the companies that have thrived over the past 12 months. It serves as a reminder of the fantastic talent across Teesside. As a business, we couldn’t be more proud of our roots.

Why Alt Labs

Why Alt Labs?

Alt Labs has been shortlisted in the Newcomer of The Year category, which covers; 

  • how the company started out 
  • how they plan to pursue their business plan in order to fuel business growth 
  • what differentiates each company’s products/services from their competitors 

The recognition we’ve received is for the amazing results we’ve delivered across a number of innovation and digital projects. Some highlights of this include our innovation accelerator programmesLab by Transport for Wales and National Express, along with a number of projects we have in our pipeline. 

When starting Alt Labs, getting the right team was crucial to set us up for success. Over the past year we can happily say that we’ve built a team of Teesside based talented individuals. 

Starting from a team of 2, Alt Labs has grown to become team of 9 fantastically talented individuals.

It is our team that makes the work we deliver stand out head and shoulders above the competition, that helps each and every startup we work with and that makes our working environment a fun place we all want to visit each day.

We’re extremely proud of our Teesside roots and are proof that a new Teesside based business can serve on a national scale.

It brings us immense satisfaction to have been recognised for the hard work we’ve carried out to grow Alt Labs over the past 12 months.


The North East Business awards were scheduled to take place on March 26th, which the entire team were looking forward to attend.  

However, given the corona virus pandemic, these awards have been postponed indefinitely.  

We would like to take this opportunity to pass on our regards and well wishes to everyone involved in the North East Business Awards, from event organisers to those that had been short listed and attendees. 

As a company that specialises in helping startups, if anyone is reading this and would like some guidance on how to navigate these uncertain times, please feel free to reach out for us. We are happy to help in anyway we can. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at the North East Business Awards when they are rescheduled!  


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