We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that our founder & CEO, Imran Anwar, has won the BME Business Person of the Year Award.

This isn’t just a success for Imran as a CEO, but a success for Alt Labs as a business, our commitment to diversity and a reflection of our hard work and results.

What are the BME Business Awards?

The Tees Valley BME Awards provides an essential and well-deserved platform for service providers and community members alike to share in this unique experience to celebrate achievements across the board from personal achievements to collective success for organisations who have advanced the opportunities for BME communities and demonstrated positive change.

Black and minority ethnic communities still suffer huge disadvantage and discrimination. A long-term coordinated and comprehensive approach to reduce the inequalities which exist is needed.

The Tees Valley BME Awards and it’s partners will highlight the outstanding work for those who have tirelessly sought to tackle discrimination as well as to recognise community champions who have supported BME groups in Tees Valley within the pandemic and helped to improve health outcomes.

The Awards are a firm favourite and significant occasion which has opened up opportunities and provided a platform to spread a positive message.

Our Achievements

Alt Labs entered 2 different categories for the BME Tees Valley Awards. Business Person of the Year and Business of the Year. On the night, it was Imran Anwar who walked away with Business Person of the Year, but as a company Alt Labs were able to celebrate being runners up to business of the year.

Since our formation in 2017, our company has grown from a 4 person team to create over 20 job opportunities, locally and remote, full time and part time.

As a team, we have been able to expand our client base, revenue, profits and found a second business, Haus of Vans, a van-conversion business.

Imran had this to say on the achievement ;

This is an award and privilege I never expected when starting my career and is a reminder of the work which started not when I was 18 but when I was 12 doing my paper-round round on a bicycle that was barely turning in cold wet mornings.

Growing up I sometimes resented working in my parent’s shop, evenings filling the shelves and doing the cash and carry runs with my dad on the weekends when my friends were playing football.

It’s only when I grew as a person I realised my parent’s hard work helped me develop passion, hunger and ambition to succeed as they did and more importantly, showed me that it is okay to fail sometimes but to never stop dreaming and pushing yourself.

Founder & CEO – Imran Anwar

About Alt Labs

We are an innovative digital product studio. We have a diverse, super talented team, that help deliver Innovation Accelerator Programmes, Web & Software Development, Design and Marketing.

We use agile working methods to help companies solve problems with logical, validated solutions.

We have worked with many clients on a national and global level, and look forward to working more with companies across Teesside and Tees Valley in 2022.

We are currently offering a free problem decision solving workshop for businesses. These help to identify, solve and prioritise solutions in under 90 minutes.

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Please get in touch if you’d like to chat!
Please get in touch if you’d like to chat!


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