Design Sprints

Identify, prioritise and deep dive into solving critical business problems with this intense 4-day Design Sprint innovation cycle. Gather deep & immersive insights from multiple team members, spanning a wide range of business disciplines. Test & prototype these ideas, then validate and move ahead with the concepts that will provide the most value to your customers and your business.

What is a Design Sprint?

Design Sprints are intense, 4 day high-structured innovation cycles, allowing problems to be unearthed, ideas to be formed and a prototype-solutions to be built and validated in a 4-day period. For Design Sprints to be successful, it is crucial that projects are ran by multi-disciplinary teams, including members of staff from a variety of areas of the business, such as, development, UX & UI, marketing, data analysis, project managers, to name but a few.
Our Design Sprints help innovators identify & prioritise the most critical business problems to tackle first. Completion of a 4-day Design Sprint will leave businesses with prototype solutions, which they can then decide to continue to research and develop in order to solve key business problems.

Hundreds of the world’s largest brands use Design Sprints as their core strategy when dealing with problems, minimising risk and achieving results in the shortest time possible. This methodology, helps solve immediate problems with a quick turn-around, whilst contributing to meeting long term business goals.

Who are the Design Sprints best suited for?

We’ve carried out Design Sprints with a number of the world’s most successful brands across the transport, FMCG, travel & tourism and fashion sectors.
Our Design Sprints are perfect for corporates looking to identify problems within their business, with the intention of implementing innovative solutions to address them.

What to Expect From Our Design Sprints

Identify Your Customers Pain Points

Design Sprints identify the most pressing issues and problems – from the perspective of your customers. We help you delve into the mindset of your customers and identify the most pressing issues to tackle. Our Design Sprints do this by ideating and prototyping to gather validated data, information and customers insights, all within the 4-day time period.

Ensure What You’re Doing Meets Your Customer’s Needs

When tackling a customer problem, it’s important to gain feedback as quickly (and as cheaply) as possible – to establish that you’re on the right track with the solution you are developing. Our Design Sprints ensure that prototyping is carried out in a rapid manner, guaranteeing that the project is focused on achieving the right results, whilst minimising the total cost and time taken.

Validation of Final Concepts

Our digital & innovation experts at Alt Labs bring a diverse range of skills, experiences and knowledge to help innovate and implement change. We help to cut through the red-tape, and smash down the halt signs that slow down projects for no reason, instead focusing on executing change and improving the business processes and customer experience. Our team helps validate only the most effective concepts and prototypes, so no time is wasted, and our corporate partners benefit from the most optimal results.

The Best Solutions To Provide The Best Customer Experience

Our Design Sprints are perfect for corporates looking to identify problems within their business, with the intention of implementing innovative solutions to address them.

Programme Overview

Design Sprints challenge and encourage staff to break out of their comfort zone and bring their skills and expertise to the innovation process. Our Design Sprints gather a corporate team of up to 7 members of staff to help identify and solve problems, giving them a platform to voice their opinions in a constructive manner whilst bouncing ideas off other members of the Sprint team.
Each team member brings their own, unique input, from their department, their exposure to problems and their ideas on what would be best to help the business. A Design Sprint team, within 5 days will:

  • Day 1 – Problem identification. Focusing on the customers problem, with each member of the team giving their input from their relationship and their interaction with customers. Ideation & Problem Definition. Problems will be prioritised and ideas will be generated.
  • Day 2 – Problem Solution Concepting. Developing concepts and selecting which solutions they feel will be best to help.
  • Day 3 – Prototype Development – The selected concept(s) will undergo prototype development, allowing a potential solution to be tested and validated.
  • Day 4 – Validation – The prototypes from day 4 are tested and real-world customers give feedback and insight to the prototype. The organisation can decide which ideas to ditch, and which to move into full development.

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