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An Alt Labs design sprint is a 4 day process for solving big business challenges and creating or improving existing products. We compress months of potential work into less than a week allowing you to use your time effectively.

Would you like to explore how we can help you?

Would you like to explore how we can help you?

What is a Design Sprint?

Design Sprints are intense, 4 day high-structured innovation cycles, allowing problems to be unearthed, ideas to be formed and a prototype-solutions to be built and validated in a 4-day period.

For Design Sprints to be successful, it is crucial that projects are ran by multi-disciplinary teams, including members of staff from a variety of areas of the business, such as, development, UX & UI, marketing, data analysis, project managers, to name but a few.

Who can benefit from our Design Sprints

Any business who wants results fast. A design sprint will allow your team to condense months of potential design work defining a new product or product feature into just 4 days.

If you’re a large corporate, design sprints will help your become a more agile organisation. For start-ups, it allows you to use your limited resources more effectively and efficiently.

At Alt Labs we’ve delivered design sprints to large corporates, public sector organisations and start-up’s.

No matter what industry you operate in, your business will be able to benefit from faster, more efficient results.

Who we’ve ran design sprints for…

What to Expect From Our Design Sprints

Our 4-day Remote Design Sprint challenges and encourages members of your business to break out of their comfort zone and play a key part in the innovation process, bringing their skills and expertise to help shape the problem solving.

We condense weeks, and potentially months, worth of meetings, ideation and confusing decision making processes into one clear 4 day programme.

How Can YOU Benefit From a Design Sprint?

Identify Your Customers Pain Points

Design Sprints identify the most pressing issues and problems – from the perspective of your customers. We help you delve into the mindset of your customers and identify the most pressing issues to tackle. Our Design Sprints do this by ideating and prototyping to gather validated data, information and customers insights, all within the 4-day time period.

Ensure What You’re Doing Meets
Your Customer’s Needs

When tackling a customer problem, it’s important to gain feedback as quickly (and as cheaply) as possible – to establish that you’re on the right track with the solution you are developing. Our Design Sprints ensure that prototyping is carried out in a rapid manner, guaranteeing that the project is focused on achieving the right results, whilst minimising the total cost and time taken.

Validation of Final Concepts

Our digital & innovation experts at Alt Labs bring a diverse range of skills, experiences and knowledge to help innovate and implement change. We help to cut through the red-tape, and smash down the halt signs that slow down projects for no reason, instead focusing on executing change and improving the business processes and customer experience. Our team helps validate only the most effective concepts and prototypes, so no time is wasted, and our corporate partners benefit from the most optimal results.

The Best Solutions To Provide The
Best Customer Experience

Our Design Sprints ensure that your key customer pain points are identified and prioritised, the correct line of work is quickly validated via real-world customer feedback and the best solutions are pushed through from concept to go live. All in a rapid space time of time.

Our Process

Your Takeaways

You will take away a high-fidelity interactive prototype. A tangible, working example that has been tested by real users. This isn’t a wireframe. This is a working, early stage, product.

With this in your hands, you will have a clearer direction of what do next. Making decisions becomes a lot easier. From here, you may wish to refine and polish this idea further with a second sprint – or use your prototype as business case to begin developing this project.

Would you like to explore how we can help you?

Would you like to explore how we can help you?

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