Design Thinking Workshop

Innovate your organisations approach to problem solving. Our day long Design Thinking workshop is a human centred approach that draws from the skills within your business to identify problems, and solve the needs of the people and technology for the success of the business.

What is a Design Thinking Workshop?

Our Design Thinking Workshop is a day-long engaging, activity-based session centred around the
design thinking process. It focuses around the 5 phases of design thinking which are:
Empathise: This is about understanding the problems that real users have and building empathy for the target users/customers.

Define, ideation, & problem-solving: Generating as many ideas and potential solutions as possible.

Prototype & Testing: Building low-fidelity prototypes of the ideas that have been generated earlier, ready to test on real users.

Benefits of a Design Thinking Workshop

Reduce your time to market

Design thinking focuses on problem-solving and finding viable solutions. With this focus, it can
significantly reduce the time that is spent on design and development, especially when combined
with lean and agile workshop approaches.

Improve ROI

The faster that successful products get to market means lower cost. Design thinking approaches have
been proven by IBM to increase ROI by upto 300%.

Improve Customer Loyalty & Retention

Design Thinking is a user-centric approach. This approach means everything you apply this
methodology to will boost user engagement by ensuring that everything is fit for purpose.

Fosters Innovation

Implementing a design thinking approach following our workshops will help you create an innovate
culture within your business by challenging assumptions and established beliefs.

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