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We develop digital products. Really good. We develop websites, apps and bespoke software that fits your business needs – not just because we want to make a sale. We can help you figure out which digital products will best help your business, provide a rationale for why and develop it from scratch for you.

A Product to Suit You

Our approach at Alt Labs is to provide solutions that will help your organisation. Not to do something for the sake of it.
Our digital consultancy can help you understand what channels and platform your business needs to be taking advantage of – and why. When you know this, we can then develop these products for you.

Our digital product development covers 3 key areas




Our Process


We work with you to identify your unique value proposition and to help you determine if the solution you have in mind is what you actually need. Too often we have clients who want an app, but do not fully know why. We take away the guess work and ensure you are investing in the right product that will have tangible, real world results for your business. When the correct solution has been validated, we provide a product roadmap outlining the entire development process.


We follow agile working methods, meaning we’re quick to produce initial wireframes for testing and feedback. We’ll use your feedback and testing data to refine these, ensuring that from the outset our vision has been validated for the best user experience.


Our processes focuses on design that is aesthetically pleasing and is tailored for the best user experience. Many agencies will adopt an approach of “design for looks” and then find themselves billing a client for amends when conversion rate and functionality is not performing as promised. At Alt Labs, our design blends the best of both, to provide a solution that is functional and looks amazing.


Our teams develop using modern technologies including; React, React Native, Node.js and .NET core. We follow agile development methodologies. This means we involve your team in our development process, showcasing our progress and gathering your feedback on a regular basis. This ensures your new ideas are not left by the wayside, and can be implemented as the project progresses.

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