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What is Innovation Management?

Innovation Management is the systematic process of introducing something new to an organisation. Typically, this includes new ways of working and changes to workflow, processes, business models and even products or services. Innovation can be implemented into an organisation in a number of ways, and we facilitate innovation across large corporates. Usually, innovation management covers the following areas, Ideation, Culture, Resources, Structures and Strategy. 

Innovation is unique to every organisation, depending upon their structure, processes industry and business goals.  

Can my company benefit from Innovation Management?

If you want your organisation to maintain competitive advantage in an ever-changing digital world, you will be able to benefit from Innovation Management. Innovation Management is useful for organisations who are looking to: 

  • Create a business culture that incentivises ideation & collaboration 
  • Generate and implement ideas to improve business processes across any areas of the business, as long as it contributes towards organisational success 
  • Reduce the risk associated with researching and launching new propositions 
  • Gain a better understanding of your customers behaviours to influence future product and service offerings 
How can I identify if my business needs innovation?

Start by assessing your customer. Are they satisfied with the product or service you are currently providing? Are you unsure? Then our Customer Experience Programme can help you find out. 

Much like Marketing, innovation should place the customer, their needs, wants and expectations at the core of what you’re doing.  

Does a Design Sprint have to be 5 days?

In short – yes. Optimal Design Sprints are built around speed, and it is the structure of a Design Sprint that enables this speed. The Design Sprint processes we use, have been successfully carried out across numerous FTSE 100 companies and national corporate organisations to great effect. By trying to cut corners to reduce the time, the end result is not always the desired result.  

Is it essential that all members of the sprint team attend all 5 days?

Again – yes. For Sprints to be successful, they require a multidisciplinary team of staff, so that ideas and opinions are wide and diverse, considering all aspects of the business. If one or two of these team members skip out on a couple of sessions, they Sprint doesn’t work. For example, missing members will challenge concepts that have already been made clear and agreed upon by the team. This challenge can cause confusion and results in time not being used effectively.   

Our employees often fear new technology – why is this?

It’s not uncommon. People like job security and a comfort zone. Innovation can be disruptive and change entire processes. People will worry about how Innovation will affect their day to day, and their job role. In some cases, Innovation can provide solutions to businesses that make some job roles or even departments redundant. As a manager or leader, it is crucial that you are transparent with your staff about what your Innovation aims and goals are. Make it clear that Innovation is being explored to help the business and help staff carry out their jobs. 

How can my business benefit from a culture that encourages innovation & creativity?

From experience, we find that organisations which have a culture encouraging innovation & creativity have better team-work dynamics and relationships between staff, in addition to better employee engagement when new projects are being planned and launched. Staff morale is higher, and this has a fundamental influence on the employees desire for the business to succeed. 

I run a start up with an innovative idea – can you help me?

Yes! We bridge large corporates with small start-ups who have an innovative idea, product or service, but need assistance to ready their product to pitch to established corporates. Drop us a message to find out exactly how we can help you. 

Our company doesn’t like to do anything too wacky – is innovation for us?

Innovation doesn’t mean “wacky’. Innovation is simply a way to use modern and future technologies to create a competitive advantage in your business, by increasing your customer experience, offering more tailored products and improving internal processes. Everything is backed up with real world data, and all recommendations are grounded in research, helping to minimise any risk associated with your business. 

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