Get your organisation ready to create a culture of
innovation to drive new ideas and business processes in
a cost effective, low-risk manner. Our innovation audit gives your organisation an independent, objective and data-backed analysis of your current innovation capabilities and shortcomings in relation to your organisational objectives.

Why you need an innovation audit

We help your organisation understand how effective, or ineffective, your existing innovation processes are. We provide a 3rd party, independent and objective look at what is blocking innovation within your organisation.
Our experience of working across a range of innovation projects for global fortune 500’s has given us first hand insight as to what works, what doesn’t and how to tailor innovative solutions to specific scenarios.

Our experience allows us to give you the blueprint of what and what not to do – tailored to your organisation. This means you do not waste time, resources and cost implementing wasteful ideas and processes.

Our audit will give you an in depth analysis of where you are now, your shortcomings and a blueprint strategy of what to do.

The end result is a risk-free solution to improving the innovation culture within your organisation.

What to expect from our innovation audit

Define Your Objectives

We work with you to define your organisations innovation objectives based upon your organisational goals.

Interview Key Stakeholders

We will speak to key stakeholders to assess their buy in, positioning and understanding of innovation. We use this to gain a deeper understanding into what potential innovation blockers exist within the business across numerous departments.

Review of Current Innovation Pipeline

We review your existing innovation pipeline and processes to identify where innovation pain points exist. We assess the impact these have on your business currently. How they are preventing your organisation from achieving the desired innovation results. And most importantly, provide solutions to get you the results you want.

Independent, Objective 3rd Party Viewpoint

We provide an objective assessment of what is and what is not currently working for innovation outcomes across your business. This removes any internal bias and politicks to provide an independent appraisal of your innovation efforts dealing with just facts.

Evidence Based Strategy Formulation

We use our findings, both quantitative and qualitative along with our cross-industry expertise and knowledge to formulate a strategy to ensure your innovation efforts yield the desired result

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