What is it?

A bespoke, strategic innovation roadmap tailored to your corporate organisation to help you implement, own and master Innovation programmes. If your organisation has commenced or is aiming to implement a number of innovation initiatives, and cannot see them through to completion – our tailored Innovation Programme Design will help you. 

What is our Innovation Programme design?

We identify the problems within your innovation strategy, dive into the challenges that they are posing to your organisation, and most importantly, find out why. We then collaborate with your business and all relevant parties to design a custom innovation strategy, allowing your organisation to successfully implement these initiatives. 

Who are these programme designs best suited for?

We’ve collaborated with some of the UK’s largest and most successful corporates, who are aware they need to innovate, but have faced challenges when attempting to implement these initiatives. Our customers span across the transport, FMCG, travel & tourism and fashion sectors. 

If you’ve began trying to implement innovation initiatives, but are looking for someone to take the pain away, then our Innovation Programme Design is for you. 

Not yet started to innovate? Then take a look at our Design Thinking Workshops or Innovation Programmes.

what to expect from our programme designs?

Understand Your Position & Your Competitors

We carry out and present you with in-depth findings on your industry and your competitive environment. We help you to understand where you can be most competitive, and how to position yourself within your market place. 


Opportunity Identification

Building upon our initial marketplace analysis, we will continue to collaborate with your organisation, to find out your internal strengths & weaknesses. We are able to us findings from both phases to identify the most optimal areas for your business growth. 


Defining What Innovation Means To YOUR Organisation

Many companies, whether implementing innovation initiatives or not, lack a clear and concise mission statement. This becomes even more vague when organisations are trying to define their innovation mission statement. We help your business construct a clear set of objectives and KPI’s for your innovation plans. We then do the work necessary to ensure that all departments are aligned in order to achieve these goals.  

A Clear Road Map Of What Needs To Be Done

The traditional agency sales pitch, scoping plan and project timeline is dead. Rather than waste our time producing documents for the sake of it, we prefer taking a more useful approach. We’ll provide you with a clear roadmap of what needs to be done in order to achieve the innovation objectives we help you set. 

programme overview

We use only innovation & agile methods when working. We ditch the traditional agency model, which is overly cumbersome and time consuming, and work using practices that we’ve mastered from our innovation and design sprint phases. 

This means that we’re able to identify problems quickly and provide you with the right results quicker than you’d expect. 

  • Phase 1 – Research  
  • Phase 2 – Challenge Identification
  • Phase 3 – Solution Design 


Looking for help implementing innovation in your organisation? Drop us a message and one of our team can get back to you.

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