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Replace all open discussion or brainstorming with a structured process that leads to more ideas, clearer decisions and better outcomes. When a good process provides guardrails and a clear path to follow, it becomes easier to come up with ideas, make decisions and solve problems. It’s a simple and short, but powerful group exercise that can be run either in-person, in the same room, or remotely with distributed teams.

A workshop to solve ANY problem

Decide and prioritise solutions in under 2 hours

Replace unstructured confusing meetings with a clear process

Would you like to explore how we can help you?

Would you like to explore how we can help you?

What is a Lightning Decision Jam?

Our Lightning Decision Jam is a super engaging workshop that can be used to solve almost any business problem!

What kind of topics? ANY.

How many people can take part? ANY.

We run these sessions remotely so can accommodate any number of team members through a combination of Microsoft Teams and our virtual whiteboard workshop tool.

The entire session will take up to 2 hours and is an insanely flexible mix of workshop exercises borrowing from the world’s best problem-solving processes to get you clear solutions to almost any problem your business faces.

We’ve ran Lightning Decision Jams for…

How Can YOU Benefit From a Lightning Decision Jam?

In short, a lack of structure leads to a waste of time and effort, projects that drag on for too long and frustrated, burnt out teams. Our Lightning Decision Jam helps your business:

Resolve Unclear goals and miscommunication that cause busy work and overtime

Put an end to unstructured meetings that leave attendants tired, confused and without clear outcomes

Relieve frustration that builds up because internal challenges to productivity are not addressed

Foresee and mitigate sudden changes in priorities lead to a loss of focus and momentum

Put an end to unhappy and confusing compromises taking the place of clear decision-making, leaving everybody to come up with their own interpretation.

Would you like to explore how we can help you?

Would you like to explore how we can help you?

The LDJ Structure

Your Takeaways

You will leave our Lightning Decision Jam and have a clear map of prioritised “how might we” statements.

This will give you a clear overview of what the quick wins and best opportunities are within your business so you can prioritise and act on them effectively.

Would you like to explore how we can help you?

Would you like to explore how we can help you?

Why choose Alt Labs?

Problem solving under 2 hours

100% Remote working around your business needs

We remove useless open ended and unstructured discussion


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