In our latest blog series, we’re opening the doors to Alt Labs HQ and getting to know some of the talented souls that make up the team. This week we’re talking to our recently promoted Head of Development… Jason Talman!


The story so far

Lego fan Jason joined Alt Labs over three years ago, bringing with him an in-depth understanding of technologies including JavaScript, .NET Framework, SQL and React. 

His role at Alt Labs has seen him complete projects for a range of commercial businesses and public sector organisations, including Transport for Wales and National Express. His exceptional work recently saw him take on the role of Head of Development, overseeing software, app and web development.


The world of development

Interested in finding out more about what Jason’s role involves? We uncovered the highlights, and the biggest change there’s been over the past year.

Q1 – What does your role involve?

I’m responsible for creating a variety of bespoke web and mobile apps for clients. As every project is individual, it comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities for innovation.

Q2 – What is the most important skill you need for your role?

It’s important to have good problem-solving skills and be able to look at an issue from several different angles to find a resolution. There’s a lot of satisfaction in finally solving a bug or issue, meaning we can deliver the project as intended, rather than looking for workarounds that could compromise the end product.

Q3 – What has been the biggest change in your sector in the past 12 months?

There’s definitely been a wider adoption and normalisation of remote working during the pandemic, and I think this will continue to grow, particularly within digital and creative industries.

This will result in more tech jobs being available to those outside of the major tech hubs such as London, providing opportunities for those across other areas of the UK. This would lead to the growth of tech communities outside of the major cities, spreading investment and resources across the UK.

Q4 – What is your top productivity hack?

It’s a classic tip but breaking down work into small manageable tasks has proven time and again to lead to greater productivity. While it’s common practice within software development (such as through the SCRUM methodology) I find it useful across my whole life, nothing keeps me on track like a to-do list.

Whether it’s jobs around the house or tasks at work, it provides a strong sense of progress as tasks are completed, creating a greater feeling of satisfaction and achievement.

Want to hear about the bespoke solutions Jason can create for your business?

Want to hear about the bespoke solutions Jason can create for your business?

Five quick questions

Tea or coffee?


Would you rather be too warm or too cold?

Too cold

News or reality TV?


Holiday abroad or staycation?


Dream dinner guest and why

My girlfriend, there’s no one I’d rather spend time with.

Thanks to Jason for his answers. Watch out for more team profiles, coming soon!


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