value proposition design workshops

What is it?

Learn exactly how to create products & services that your customers actually want. Our Value Proposition Design (VPD) programme will teach key members of your business the ins and outs of how to invent new propositions and improve existing proposals, by understanding how to stop wasting time with; unproductive meetings, running away with an idea – without correctly researching it and being overwhelmed and confused at the thought of value creation.

How will Value Proposition Design help your business?

With a full understanding of Value Proposition Design, your business will be in a far more advantageous position and will be working in a much more efficient manner. 

You will be able to avoid wasting time and reduce spend on ideas that don’t work. Your processes for idea generation and project validation will be perfected to the needs of your business, meaning you can concentrate on the ideas that are more likely to pay off. 

Your business will learn to leverage the skills and expertise of key team members, ensuring that meetings mean something, and aren’t just there to waste an hour every Monday morning. 

Most importantly, you’ll be delivering exactly what your customer wants. 

Who can benefit from our VPD workshops?

We’ve helped businesses ranging from SME’s to large national corporates throughout the UK with our Value Proposition Design programme, across a number of sectors. Our experiences in VPD cover; travel & tourism, transport & logistics, FMCG, fashion and luxury brands. 

Whether you’re a large corporate, or a small start up, we can help you develop and deliver exactly what your customers want. 

what to expect from our value proposition design workshops?

Learn How To Invent New Propositions That Make Commercial Sense

We will introduce you to a number of tools and methodologies that allow you to create new propositions that your customers actually want, or improve existing project offerings. All backed up by business models that are commercially viable.  

Implement Organisational Change for Long Term Success

Develop a skillset to create alignment within your organisation whilst it continues to evolve. You will learn how to constantly measure and monitor your value propositions and business models, allowing you to continually improve and meet the ever-changing demands of your customers. 

Create Value For Your Customer

Use strategic tools to clarify your customer understanding, and then create a value map to identify where and how you can create value for the customer. 

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk and uncertainty of new ideas, by deciding what to test and establishing how to test it, before deciding if it is worthwhile pushing forward. 

programme overview

Our Value Proposition Design service is broken into 4 key phases. Throughout the programme, your organisation will learn everything needed, from mindset, to best practices and working processes.


  • Phase 1 – Canvas
  • Phase 2 – Design 
  • Phase 3 – Test
  • Phase 4 – Evolve 


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