Simply put, a Lightning Decision Jam, or LDJ, is a way to identify, define and resolve virtually any business problem within a two-hour window.

By selecting the correct mix of people and following a series of precisely timed tasks using simple equipment, businesses can identify their pain points, understand how this is impacting the business, and brainstorm viable solutions, refining these into real-world, actionable, solutions.

Who participates in an LDJ?

Too often, when it comes to solving problems in a business, it is left to a small group of familiar faces, this can often leave some departments unrepresented, and limits the scope of imagination and input, both vital to executing a successful LDJ.

We recommended selecting five to eight people, from a range of departments and seniority levels within the business, to participate in an LDJ. Any fewer and you could miss out on valuable input (although technically speaking your LDJ could be as few as two people!), any more than eight and keeping track becomes very difficult.

What equipment do you need to run an LDJ?

For such an effective solution, the equipment required is surprisingly minimal. Post-it-notes are vital, one set rectangular and two sets square. For ease, try to make each set a different colour. We’d also recommend chunky pens (Sharpies are great for this), and an app or stopwatch to ensure no sessions run over.

Equipment aside, you’ll also need someone to act as moderator for the session, ensuring everyone stays on track and to time. It’s something the team here at Alt Labs have a certain expertise in!

Please get in touch if you’d like to chat!
Please get in touch if you’d like to chat!

Running an LDJ meeting

Once you’re all set-up it’s time to get the meeting started and run through the seven steps to success.

Step 1: Start with things that are working

Step 2: Capture all the problems

Step 3: Prioritise problems

Step 4: Reframe the problems as standardised challenges

Step 5: Ideate without discussion

Step 6: Prioritise solutions

Step 7: Decide what to execute and make solutions actionable

By the end of this session you will have identified your company’s pain points, understood the impact on your business, brainstormed viable solutions, and refined those into real-world, actionable, solutions to drive your business forward!

Start your own LDJ session

We’ll be focusing on the various steps to a successful LDJ session in more detail in future blogs. In the meantime, be sure to follow our social media for updates.


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